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Best Tourism courses in USA | Full Information Tourism courses


Tourism courses in USA Hello friends, in this article we are going to look at Tourism courses in USA, because of the importance of the tourism industry in the US economy, there are many high schools that offer degrees in this field of study. Every year thousands of international students come to the states to visit these schools and experience the invaluable internship.

Tourism courses in USA
Tourism courses in USA

Best Tourism courses in USA

Master’s degree in hospitality and tourism highlights?

30 Credit-Hour Program: Get Your Master’s Degree in One Year!

Flexible course delivery: Study online or on campus.

Dissertation and professional track:

Learn from world scholars and industry leaders.


On your schedule:

Students have the option to pursue a postgraduate degree in hospitality and tourism management on campus or through distance learning and at their own pace. Synchronous distance distribution using Adobe Connect provides remote students with an engaging, interactive classroom experience where they learn in real time with on-campus classmates and professors. Additional asynchronous course options give students the flexibility to complete the course online and at their convenience.

Custom courses:

The degree program includes 30 credit hours of innovative classes covering business analytics, strategic leadership, marketing and social media, customer experience management, talent management and finance. Elective courses and field projects allow students to tailor their degree to their liking, including international learning opportunities. (Tourism courses in USA) Thesis (research) and non-thesis (professional) tracks are available to match students’ career goals.

Industry Innovation:

The School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management is a world-renowned scholar, industry expert and effective research center that offers students the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research:

  • Smart State Center of Economic Excellence in Tourism and Economic Development
  • International Organization for Food Service Research and Education
  • International Tourism and Research Organization
  • Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Travel and Tourism Industry Center
  • Cooking and Wine and Beverage Institutions

Three ways to get started:

For current bachelor’s degree students, the Accelerated Bachelor to Master program allows you to begin taking undergraduate classes as part of your undergraduate course. This option is suitable for any student who wants to graduate with two degrees in less time.

Working professionals and alumni who are not committed to earning their master’s degree can take a “test drive” up to two classes as non-graduate students. If the student decides to join the program later, those classes will be counted for the master’s degree. Prospective students interested in this option may fill out our Interest Form or visit the Non-Graduate School Degree Student Application.


And for students who have a bachelor’s degree and are ready to pursue a master’s degree, we accept new students throughout the year and can create a course plan that matches your career goals and schedule. Below is more information on how to apply for the MIHTM program.

Application Deadline:

Vasant Tu: 15th November

Summer Session: 1 May

Fall Order: 1 July

Entry Requirement:

All applicants for the MIHTM program must apply through The Graduate School. For more detailed information on specific degree requirements, please visit the Academic Bulletin. Prospective students must fill out the main application form and pay the अर्ज 50 application fee online. In addition, applicants must send all supporting materials directly to The Graduate School.

The following supporting materials are required with the application:

Current resume.

A one- to two-page statement of career goals that explains how the MIHTM course will help the applicant achieve their career goals.

At least two letters of recommendation from at least one current or former professor who can comment on the applicant’s ability to succeed in degree studies. The letter of recommendation can be used from The Graduate School’s website but is not required. Letters may be sent directly from the recommendation or, if submitted by the applicant, must be submitted in a sealed envelope with the selector’s signature on the sealed flap.

An official transcript from each college or university (undergraduate and, if applicable, graduate). Successful applicants typically have a GPA of 3.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale).

Official Graduate Management Entrance Examination (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE) marks. Successful applicants typically earn a minimum of 500 on the GMAT (oral and quantitative combined) or a minimum of 300 on the GRE. GMAT / GRE marks older than five years will not be accepted under any circumstances. The code for submitting a GMAT score is 5818.

Applicants whose native language is not English are required to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores. (Tourism courses in USA) International applicants who have graduated from a college or university in the United States are not required to submit TOEFL or IELTS. Test marks are valid for two years only.


Once you’ve narrowed down your options based on academic options, the next consideration is the location of the college or university. Students should choose a place where they can first observe the tourism industry. The University of Hawaii at Manoa, for example, offers a degree in Travel Industry Management and is one of Hawaii’s largest tourist destinations. The city of Manoa is just three miles from the city of Honolulu and less than a mile from Waikiki. The university was named “Best Western College” and “America’s Best Value College” by Princeton Review.

Back on the mainland is the state of South Carolina, the historic city of Charleston and the charming beach, golfing and dining place of Hilton Head Island. While welcoming millions of travelers from around the world, Charleston and Hilton Head Island are the perfect places to learn about tourism. At the University of South Carolina – Beaufort, students will have the opportunity to train in one of these thriving tourist destinations and gain first-hand experience of the many nearby hotels, attractions and restaurants.

The USC-Beaufort Hospitality Management degree will equip students with the necessary tools – everything from event planning to hospitality training – so they are ready to apply the skills learned in the classroom. The combination of education and work experience gives graduates a unique advantage when entering the workforce, taking advantage of South Carolina’s unique location.

Florida is another important state for studying tourism as it attracts visitors from all over the world. One major city is Miami which attracts visitors to its nightlife, shopping and beaches.

There are many internship opportunities available for students who want to experience tourism. An undergraduate degree program in Travel-Tourism and Hospitality Management is available on the North Miami Campus of Johnson & Wales University. This degree program includes semester-long rotational internships at various locations.

Students will have the opportunity to work with international tour companies, cruise line operators, tourism offices and more. By participating in rotational-internships such as (tourism courses in USA), an international student can gain extensive work experience in various aspects of the tourism industry.

If you are attracted to theme parks then maybe Orlando is the city for you! The city is home to attractions like Sea World, MGM Universal Studios and Walt Disney World that attract millions of people from around the world every year. Nearby is the University of Central Florida, which is ranked 19th in the world in the top 100 hospitality and tourism programs of the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research.

The school offers a variety of categories, including tourism and tourism economics, tourism information technology, managerial accounting, etc. With over 51.5 million visitors each year, Orlando is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Florida and a great place to observe the tourism industry.

Whether you want to live in Miami or Orlando, there are plenty of schools that can give you access to the top travel destinations around the corner.

Another great place to study tourism is at New York University (NYU) which is in New York City. NYU is in the heart of the city with over 40 million visits each year from both international and American tourists. As many international tourists visit the city, it is considered as a center of world tourism and hospitality.

NYU offers degrees in hotel and tourism management that enable students to do a variety of jobs. (Tourism courses in USA) Students will have careers in hotels, resorts, tourism bureaus, conference centers, airlines, marketing and tourism agencies, meeting and special event management, restaurants, catering business, franchise operations. Could. , Private clubs, resorts and casinos.

Although there are many factors to consider when choosing where to study tourism, the United States has some great tourist destinations and quality universities and colleges. Whether you’re interested in studying in a big exciting city, near a huge theme park, or in a vibrant beach community, America has it all. Miami, Orlando and New York City are some of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States and some of the best universities in the city, so do a little research and see which place is best for you!

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